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Inside the Minority Report you'll gain insight into the "War on Drugs" and how it's shaping the cannabis industry for minorities.
*An Annual Marketing Analysis of Minority-Owned Cannabis & Hemp Companies*Only 100 Copies Available at the Pre-Order Price!
The Minority Report is an annual marketing analysis of Minority-owned cannabis and hemp companies. This publication is dedicated to helping people connect the unspoken dots of business ownership and assisting all Minorities (people of color, women, veterans and the LGBTQ community) close gaps and find pathways for connecting, learning and sharing.
Statistical Data
The Report offers the most current industry insights through up-to-date statistics and reporting.
Business Growth
Learn about the minority-owned businesses operating in the cannabis space for successful case studies.
Current Information
Access current legal marijuana business trends and financial information with the report.
All-Star Reporting
This All-Star reporting includes: reports, stats, business findings, and legal marijuana resources.
Advanced Technology
The report's state-of-the-art technology allows readers to gain pertinent business information.
The Report
The Minority Report's annual overview in the cannabis space focuses on minority-owned business.
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