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Join North Tampa Realtor Joseph Lewkowicz, who will be hosting a livestream conference call on the second Thursday of every month at 10 AM EST.  Users can log in and communicate with Lewkowicz directly in order to gain insight into the Tampa market.

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Tampa’s housing market has plenty of properties to choose from, and homes can be found in virtually any price range. For most people, this is where their knowledge of the market ends. What is needed in order to sell your home for the most, or purchase your home for the least, is trustworthy, factual information from a reliable source.

The livestream will focus heavily on the real estate industry and information that homeowners and homebuyers should know!

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Investing in real estate has become somewhat of a trend over recent years; more and more people are beginning to become involved in the industry, whether it is through becoming licensed agents themselves, or simply flipping houses.
Thus, knowing the local housing market is not something that benefits only realtors and investors: those who are looking to purchase or sell a home should also educate themselves on current market trends and performance.
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This channel depicts areas in Tampa Bay for their ease of lifestyle, luxurious living, innovative trends and so much more! Touring this niche market from an expert like Joe provides profound real estate market knowledge.
Second Thursday Of The Month, Join The Call!
Joe’s next livestream is set to begin on March 21st, 2019 at 2:30 PM, and can be accessed by clicking the link below. Individuals who are interested in Joe’s expertise but are unable to participate in the livestream will be able to search through archives on Joseph Lewkowicz’s website, where they can find the recorded footage in its entirety. Joe Lewkowicz is providing a unique opportunity for viewers to not only learn more about the growing Tampa housing market, but to also better connect with Joe himself.
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